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Mother with her Son


I welcome guest writers to be featured in My Blog!

This blog was started by me (previously The Bubbly Blogcast) as a platform for mothers-to-be and mothers like you everywhere to share your happy moments, challenges and personal experiences throughout your motherhood journey. The intention is to provide support and inspire you all to face motherhood head-on, and realize that there is no right or wrong in whatever you do.  

With the launch of Teens Talk in 2019, now this is also a platform and forum for children as young as 8 years old and from all walks of life, to express themselves, share their voice, and write about anything they consider important.

Contributor Guidelines

If you are interested in being featured on my platform, please follow the below guidelines to submit your articles. 

1. Please read other articles in the blog to get a sense of the tone of articles which will be accepted.

2. Along with your article submission, please send in your blog URL (if you have one already) and all social media handles in the email.  

​3. Articles featuring facts like feeding quantities, sleep patterns, food recipes etc will NOT be accepted. My Blog focuses on real stories. 

4. Each article should be no longer than 800 words. You can send it in as a word document or paste the content in the email body. 

5. If you are submitting an image sourced from Google or any other site along with the article, please ensure that you credit the photo with the original source. 

6. Please send in a 2-3 sentence bio and recent photograph of yourself, if you would like one to be published along with the article. 

7. If you are sending in an original post and would then like to re-publish it elsewhere, please include a link on the other site to the article on Antara Pandit - My Blog page. Please mention if the article you are sending in has already been published elsewhere. My preference is that only original work is published on this blog.

8. Publishing will be limited to one article every two weeks, per contributor, depending on the number of submissions received. 

9. If your article has been accepted, you will hear back within 2 days along with the publishing date. We reserve the right to not publish articles which do not fit the purpose and tone of this blog.

10. Finally, put your heart and soul into the article when writing it! Nothing resonates more with other mothers than honesty and emotion. The aim is not to censor what you want to say and to just put it out there!

Send in your articles by clicking the button below  and I will get back to you. I look forward to reading all your articles! 

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