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About the Author, Vedaa Choradia

Age 12, Student, Writer & Art Enthusiast

As an inquisitive 12 year old, Vedaa Choradia has an innate passion for writing - for when things cannot be put into words. This led her to create an art blog called 'Peach Puff; where she promotes art and benefits of art as healing. Her goal is to become a compassionate, considerate and empathetic young citizen, being a part of a global community. She hopes to take people through her experiences that can only be conveyed as writing fro self expression. Her friends would describe her as a crazy, creative and book loving person.

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'Choices' - This word is often understated by individuals because we don't understand that this one simple word has the power to create, change and inspire lives. These choices are the ones that define us because in the midst of difficult situations, being brave, kind and courageous conveys to us that we are on the right track to becoming individuals that benefit society.

As a teen, I face choices everyday, some as simple as "What I am going to wear today?" to some as difficult as, "Do I want to make a change in myself, and if so, what is it that I should change about myself?" You see, often teenagers don't understand that we are in the last stage, we are about to go into the real world, and that we have two choices. The first one is to be care-free and disrespectful, the average teenage description, or take this as a chance to improve ourselves and make ourselves worthy enough to be independent.

Choices are what make and break us, and often we, as teenagers tend to make hurried decisions, when we should realise that we should take some time off to work on ourselves, contemplate and come to rational decisions. After all, life is a succession of choices that defines us, curates us and makes us who we are. 

Let me tell you a story that has been extremely close to my heart, a story very few people know and something that is my one and only secret. Exactly a year ago, everything in my life changed. My friends changed, my school changed and it was a whole new life that I was living, but very few people know why I changed my life the way I did. You see, before this change, something very disturbing happened to me. I had a very close group of friends and all of us really helped each other out in situations, cared for each other and loved each other truly, but in a click of a second, these friends separated themselves from me. Everything became "I, me and myself." There I was standing alone during one of my most difficult times in life. At first, they were all silly comments and jokes that I took in good spirit, but as time passed these comments turned into something I couldn't handle; it became verbal bullying. There, at that moment, perhaps I hadn't realised, but I had a choice. A choice to weep my sorrows and let them continue in a way that was eating me up inside, or stand up for myself and show them that nobody benefits from this.

It has been extremely difficult to share this story, but I wanted share with you that we all have choices  but it is up to us to pick the right one.  Therein lies the power of choice - a choice to be brave, a choice to love ourselves, a choice to eat what we like or dress the way we want, a choice of equality, fraternity but above all, the choice of freedom.


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"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” - Anais Nin

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