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F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Each Letter Has A Meaning

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About the Author, Age 14

Kashvi Pallapotu, Student & Writer

I am a 14-year-old trying to find myself. If I had to describe myself in five words, they would be caring, thoughtful, active, loyal and trustworthy. I love writing as it lets me get out the one part within me which I can never talk about in verbal conversations.

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Friendship - It is too complicated for a simple human.

After this word enters your brain, your life can take two different turns. Number one - have an amazing life with all your friends and the hashtag of life would be #friendsforlife. Number two - you put all your love and care in them and what you get in the end is betrayal. Neither can you be with them, nor can you be without them. You simply end up as #lonerforlife. As I grew up, I always heard this acrostic poem:

F - Forever with you

R - Respect you/ and them

I - Ignore you

E - Encourage you

N - Need you / and them

D - Deserve you

S - Stand by you

I never really understood this poem until my life started to revolve around it. Each friend I made stood by each of the verses of this acrostic. I made a few, I lost a few, but it was always a journey, worth, to take a risk in. I am dedicating this piece of writing to every friend I have right now, so they know how much they mean to me.

Forever with you:

Did you ever regret meeting someone too late in life? I did. To be honest, I have no childhood friend because every one of them decided to leave me- except this angel. I met her just a year ago, but she knows me more than my mom too. She was with me every step I took this year. She corrected me if I was wrong and appreciated me if I was right. She encouraged me when I fell and stood by me every time I had to face a problem. How else can I thank her, then dedicating this blog to her?

Respect them:

I respect every friend who decides to spend time with me. Whether to check on me or to ask me how boring quarantine has become. Whether to entertain me or choose me, out of all, to share their emotions. Guys, you mean a lot to me. I, maybe, was not the best lately, but I will make sure I become better and make you all proud. Sorry for every mistake I made and thank you for making sure I’m alright.

Ignore you:

This story is so hilarious because I don’t know if we are still friends!! I met this person at the start of 8th grade. We always were in the same school but never knew each other. We met because of our interests and made us friends. We were classmates too and that made us amazing friends. To be honest, this person is the reason I met the friend who will be with me forever. We three became close, but three became two. There was a time this person shared everything but that slowly faded. We drifted apart and I very well know that this person hates me a lot. We fought a million times but what’s the use when the result is the same every time? If this person ever reads, then I hope things change. I don’t know if I am still important, but for me he is. I still treat him as my best friend.

Encourage you:

This year has been pretty horrible and every minute, quitting was the only thing I thought about. Knowing that I was suffering, my friends always stood beside me, to help me feel better. There were many times when I didn’t bother to listen to them, yet they didn’t leave me. They chose to stick with me and let me get out of my horrible memories. I couldn’t be more thankful to them!!​

Need you/and them:

I basically need each one of my friends. Every one stood beside me all the time. But the real question is, do they need me? Lol, I’m pretty sure they might need me but there are many times when I thought of me being a burden on them. I feel I put a lot of expectations on them, or I am not being a good friend to them like I’m supposed to be. Guys, if you ever read this, tell me, because I need clarity.

Deserve you:

I really don’t think anyone deserves me, again, for the same reasons. Either I am not a good friend, or I expect a lot from them. I might not take care of them or be really harsh. I very strongly believe no one deserves me. Don’t argue, don’t debate, it’s final.

Stand by you:

I was waiting to reach this part of the article. All of my friends stand by me, all the time. Literally, there was this one time when my friend fought with another gang, supporting me, though it was my mistake. One friend I do have, who stands by me all the time. We fight a lot, but again the next day, we take each others’ side. We have a lot of problems to face ourselves, yet we take each others’ problems as ours. I legit thank her so much!!

I exactly mentioned only three of my friends, but there are a lot more, for whom a small mention in a random article also is too small. After a long time, in this BORING quarantine, I got a chance to show all of them my gratitude and my love, so here it is - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING MY F.R.I.E.N.D.S. YOU GUYS DESERVE MUCH MORE THAN ME, BUT FOR NOW, BEAR WITH ME!!

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"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” - Anais Nin

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