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I Chose You

Here is a sappy poem for all moms out there! The fact that there are only a few more weeks for my second little bundle to make his/her entrance into the world, has probably made me a tad bit emotional. I hope you enjoy it!

I open my eyes and blink a few times,

Waiting for the nurses to remove all the grime. 

The first thing I hear, are people all around the room,

And I finally realise, after 9 long months, I am finally out of the womb!

Hi mommy! I finally get to see your face,

You made your warm tummy a really comfortable place. 

While I was inside, I could feel every stroke and touch,

You wouldn't have realised, but I was trying to say I love you so much. 

You gave me life, you give me love,

There is nothing that I want more, that I can think of.

​I have heard people tell you that the beginning is always hard,

I will hold your hand so tight throughout, that you will never have a chance to be scarred. 

There are so many times  now after I was born, that I see you cry,

Feeling like you have been left in the world, high and dry.

I am sorry mommy, I know this isn't easy for you,

But as each day goes by, I will help you push through. 

It doesn't matter if I have to drink milk from a bottle and not from your breast, 

All that matters now is that I am full  and can rest. 

You are providing me with more than enough,

So please don't worry and let's not make it tough. 

Every soothing whisper and every soft song,

Makes me understand that you and I belong.

God helped make sure that I chose you,

To be my protector, soul mate and forever love, through and through. 


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"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” - Anais Nin

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