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If these walls could talk

My son has called our house a 'home' ever since he could talk. Growing up, we have all learned that home is where the heart is. I truly believe it. Till today, I am lucky enough to have two homes in the same parents' and my own. Both homes have seen me through many good and bad times throughout various stages of my life. My parents' home has seen endless days of friends coming over after school intending to do homework but instead gossiping about boys and the parties happening that weekend, slumber parties with tiny bottles of wine sneaked in,  last minute cramming sessions for exams, daily arguments with my parents about curfews and more. Basically, 'the wonder years'. My home has seen what I consider 'life events' - marriage and sprouting kids! 

If anyone or anything could talk about life at home with kids, the walls of a home would probably do a stellar job. This is what the walls of our home would have said and would say to me if they could talk, after our son was born : 

  1. "We know the first two months have not been easy, having to deal with the nanny leaving the day you came home with the baby and then running through five different nannies, each one more incapable than the other. But hang in there, the right one for you and your baby is just around the corner."

  2. "The reason the baby is crying 24/7 is because he is not getting any milk from you. Stop feeling guilty and trying to push yourself into nursing when you can't and don't want to. Start the baby on formula! Trust us, the baby's immune system will be fine even if he is only on formula." 

  3. "You need to have more snacks in the house for when friends come to visit you and the baby." I literally had nothing in the house whenever visitors came over. 

  4. "You should probably send the cleaning lady who has a red eye, home, as we think she may have conjunctivitis and could pass it on to you and the baby." We did send her home but it was too late so I ended up with conjunctivitis in both eyes and two days later, so did my husband. We had to move our son to my parents' home for a few weeks. 

  5. "A gentle reminder for you to buy more toilet paper. You forgot to child proof the toilet so your son has now crawled in there, pulled out and torn the only toilet paper roll there was. Your room now looks like it has been snowing inside for days."

  6. "Don't stress so much about where your baby is sleeping. It really does not matter whether he  sleeps in your bed or in his. As long as he sleeps! Get your priorities right."

  7. "Forget about the play-school teacher telling you that you should be worried about your son not walking even though he has turned 1. He will start at some point!"

  8. "Is that spinach that your son just spat out on us? Please give us a 10 minute heads-up next time before he starts his meal."

  9. "Oopsy daisy! You said the 'F' word in front of your son....again. But it's fine, hopefully he won't repeat it in school tomorrow."

  10. "It's great that you sing 'Rock a bye baby' to your son even now when he is 2.5 years old. He told us that with the second baby coming, it gives him reassurance that he is still and will always be a priority in your life. His favourite bit is the last line 'Mama will catch you, cradle and all'."

  11. "The baby is finally asleep. Your mother-in-law is not at home. Your husband is. Thought of any stress-relieving activity you may want to engage in?"

What do you think your walls would tell you? Leave your stories. I would love to hear them!


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"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” - Anais Nin

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