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About the Author, Sia Sara Joseph

Age 9, Student

Hi, my name is Sia Sara Joseph. I am a 9-year-old student studying at aLphabet international school as a fourth grader. I love my school! My teachers love and take care of me so well that they are almost like family to my classmates and I feel that the care that anyone shows towards us is something that should be valued and kept precious in life. 


Kindness is like a Diamond. It will reflect any source of light it can find, even at a pitch black night. Kindness works in the same way. Kind and happy people will always look at the bright side of life and try to find cheer to spread to the ones who can't find it. When dark times hover above us, kindness and happiness lead the way through the battle. Diamonds are strong. The strongest. They can cut through glass. No matter what approaches good people, they will always continue their journey on the same path. They have strength. They get more and more everyday..every lesson..every good that they do and every mistake that they make. They will battle their way through the hardest obstacles while maintaining a peaceful mind and loving heart. Diamonds are extremely precious. Yet they do not brag about their top standards. They stay humble. Kind people do the same. That is what makes them more precious in our lives. 

Most of all, I have learned that kindness is a form of unity. Recently my classmates split into these groups. It pulled me and my best friend apart and hurt other children when some kids were included and others were not. I related it to what is happening around the world. Racism. This separation was thankfully not by any continental drift so we could fix it. 

Some of my friends who were feeling the same way and I just talked about our feelings. We shared and were kind to one another. I did not want this to turn into a group so it became just a conversation. When we talked about it, we felt better. That gave us the confidence to kindly explain to people who were being a little rude how some of us were feeling. 

It worked! Everyone apologised and understood and we all hugged and talked cheerfully as one big class again. 

aLphabet is a special school because it teaches us the things that is most important in life. Being good is what makes you a successful person. aLphabet trains you to be just that. 

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"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” - Anais Nin

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