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My 3 Wishes To A Genie

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About the Author, Vedaa Choradia

Age 12, Student, Writer & Art Enthusiast

As an inquisitive 12 year old, Vedaa Choradia has an innate passion for writing - for when things cannot be put into words. This led her to create an art blog called 'Peach Puff; where she promotes art and benefits of art as healing. Her goal is to become a compassionate, considerate and empathetic young citizen, being a part of a global community. She hopes to take people through her experiences that can only be conveyed as writing fro self expression. Her friends would describe her as a crazy, creative and book loving person.

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I type and I erase, I type and I erase. I know I have to speak my mind, but something is pulling me back. Ok! I speak to you with the truth and only the truth! Life to me has not been a walk in the park, nor has it been a trip to wonderland. There are times in life when I CAN'T pick myself up, dust off whatever happened and move on. There are times in life when I say to myself, 'STOP! THERE IS NO POINT, PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS PUT YOU DOWN!' There are times in life when I feel like giving up, when I can't get everything together, and when I am a complete wreck, but, here is what I learnt: IT'S OK! I learnt to take life as a medium to experience, find my purpose, create meaningful relationships, and fulfill my dreams and goals. As a little girl, I always thought that genie would come on over and help me do exactly that. I mean, I never wished for fancy cars or a million dollar condo, or a ticket to Broadway, just to be the person I have always dreamt of, so, I decided to share my three wishes with you: Wish no. 1

My first wish is an insight into a personality deeply embedded in me, just trapped by a mere armour, an armour that has suppressed my true traits and passions inside - the courage to stand up for myself. My confidence and self-esteem is high on the exterior, but inside, very few people know that I question everything I ever said, everything I ever thought and everything I ever did again and again, and when this happens, standing up for myself makes me feel insecure. Just because I doubt my values and opinions repeatedly. All this while, I have mentally internalized everything that people have said to me, but I wish that I develop the courage to learn to say no and to defend myself to all lengths. I wish to develop the courage to walk away, and instead of putting the blame on me, and criticizing myself, learn the virtues of self love and self-respect when these scenarios take place, but something happens! Let me share with you an instance - I had a very close friend, and we used to share all our secrets, and basically knew everything about each other, but one day, she shut me out. She spoke to me in a certain manner, and as the days went by, we grew apart. At this moment, I wish! I wish I could have defended myself, stood up for what I believed in, and BEEN ME. Not somebody, she wanted me to be. Wish no. 2

I think after this happened, it was a wake up call, more of a realization. Of course, I felt sad, angry, betrayed, but I knew that after a big tub of ice cream, I needed to move on. I needed to forgive, and I think I realized that there were greater things awaiting me, and this incident was just a byproduct to make me stronger, and ready for what life was going to throw at me. I realized it was nothing more than a passing cloud, and there was no reason for me to dwell upon it. I understood how important it is to let go of grudges, to not replay the situation in my head again and again, and let me tell you, once I forgave the person, a sense of relief passed through my body, and I was on top of the world! But moving on was not only in this aspect, I think there are often times when I feel like opening new chapters but I just can't. There are memories pulling me from something I want to get out of, happy memories! I remember when I shifted schools, the first few weeks were so difficult, it still is. Of course, the atmosphere was so warm, but it felt like a magnetic pull. I had so many things ahead of me, but I was leaving quite a few things behind- I was a bag of mixed emotions. So, from this experience, I gathered my second wish - my ability to move on easily. I feel that choices are the most important, and the choice to live and let live is a huge accomplishment in itself, to be the bigger person.  Wish no. 3

My third wish is the reason why we live, breathe, think and come to conclusions - to find our purpose. Purpose of our being, why god, a higher power and an energy, intended for us to be, and how we play a role in making the world a better place to live in. To me, finding my purpose is like a map, one clue leads to the other, but it is only when you go searching for 'purpose' that things fall into place. Purpose of change - change in thought processes, change in societal norms, change in ideas and beliefs, but more than that, change in mankind with the values that we generate and take forward.

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"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” - Anais Nin

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