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Mystical Motherhood

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About the Author

Chelsea Wiley, Mother & Writer

Chelsea Wiley is a mother, traveller, Eastern and Western practitioner, and writer. She works with women around the world and helps them create conscious and happy families.


I believe there is a better way.

I believe that each woman has the ability to improve her society just by uplifting herself and serving those closest to her.

And I believe that the missing link to creating a better world is in a woman’s womb during the time of pregnancy.

Let me explain why.

I am an “American” by birth, but a “world citizen” by nature. I have always had a strong inner desire to explore, learn, and grow into a better version of myself. I naturally question the way things are done and am on a mission to find a way that women can individually awaken the world. I believe that it comes through the grace of motherhood.

As a labour and delivery nurse and family nurse practitioner (which is a similar role as a family doctor in India) I have experienced all the facets of women’s health. I found my profession troubling, as prenatal visits often missed the importance of the mind, body, spirit connection. When I became pregnant with my first child my internal spiritual life also began to grow.  With this growth came new insight and a desire to find a more conscious way for women around the world to approach pregnancy and birth.

I began to study every alternative or healing modality and meditation practice available. I also looked back in time at the way tribes birthed and raised children so I could have a better understanding of our global history. I combined the best of science and Spirit in my book Mystical Motherhood, which guides women through conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the early childhood years. My goal is to help women raise brilliant children, while also creating the best version of themselves.

Through my research I came across a growing scientific field called behavioural epigenetics which is proving that genes are not our destiny. We can alter our DNA through enhanced diet, thoughts, emotions, and environment. Cells are responsive to change and energy. They are conscious. This is especially true in the womb. The period between conception and birth sets the characteristics and ultimate destiny of the child.  With reduced stress, positive thoughts, a healthy diet, balanced emotions, and a safe environment - you can literally upgrade your child and change generations of conditioning.

Pregnancy, birth and child raising is one of the fastest vehicles on the planet to create a better future. Yet, women don’t know how much power they have and they are not taught the importance of this sacred time. Here are just a few interesting points from Mystical Motherhood that every woman should know:


The majority of women across the world don’t meet the proper nutritional requirements needed to produce healthy babies. Our food has changed and poor production and soil quality doesn’t help. Having multiple children close together with a deficit in mineral and nutrients is literally creating sicker children with each generation, because the first baby takes all the reserves from the mother. Tribes used to space their babies by three years. On top of this we are full of environmental toxins on a massive global scale. That is why it is vital to cleanse your body of heavy metals, toxic foods, and replenish the cells with a healthy diet and nutrients before each pregnancy. A prenatal vitamin is not enough.


If you are planning on having a baby there is no better time to begin to connect to that child then right now. Do this through prayer, thought or meditation. Make the time of conception a special and heightened energetic event so that you can call down a powerful soul. While you are pregnant, speak to your child in detail for a minimum of thirty minutes a day. Explain where you live, what you do and who your family members are. Consider your child conscious and prepare him or her for life in this world while also creating a better bond.


During the time of conception to the first seven years of life children function on a “theta” level of brain waves, meaning that they experience the world as a motion picture movie. Every event “good” or “bad” is programmed into their subconscious and buried within their memory. Into adulthood these programs take over 95% of our reactions. The average adult is only “conscious”- or mindful - 5% of the time. Much of this early programming is dis-empowering and negative. Sadly, it is repeated each generation. As a mother, you have the power to stop this. I teach many ways to change these programs, but one way is by playing mantras on low in your house as often as possible.

To Find Out More About All of This Check Out Mystical Motherhood

Go to Mystical Motherhood to work with Chelsea, for videos or her upcoming podcast

Or purchase the book on Amazon here


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"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” - Anais Nin

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