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About the Author

Deoli Kohli, Founder - Twinkles, The Party Shop

Born and brought up in Chennai, Deoli holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts. She is creatively inclined and most happy to be surrounded by kids and work with them to nurture their wonder and imagination.


Twinkles - The Party Shop is a one stop shop for all your party needs. Aside from being a retail store, we are also party planners and help execute parties from scratch. Chennai does have a few fancy stores where you can get very basic decorations, like packets of latex balloons, streamers, regular candles etc. Now with a lot of easy access to Pinterest and other inspirational sites, people have broadened their creativity and want to do much more while celebrating special occasion.

I am happy to share with you how Twinkles was born. While I was personally looking around to celebrate my 30th birthday 5 years ago, I was unable to find that one stop shop in Chennai which could cater to my needs. I was searching for a place where I could go buy my own decorations from and do up the party myself. However, I was left with only online options. While shopping online is easy and does give us a good variety, you are still unsure on what is going to reach you. Very often what you see is not what you always get. While shopping I truly believe in seeing, touching and feeling what we are going to buy, and that is when the idea of Twinkles started taking shape in my mind. 

Once Twinkles was set up in 2014, the concept was new for many. It took a great deal of effort to explain to the public what the concept of a ‘Party Store’ was. While we are a store for all occasions, birthdays are the most celebrated occasion for all age groups. Kids birthdays have now become a style statement. Earlier we would have small parties at our houses, gardens, terraces or in the lawns of a club. Nowadays, birthday parties are taken to a completely new level. Both mothers and children are happy in creating a ‘Birthday Land’ of sorts at their party. Theme parties are also being taken to great heights, with tremendous focus on the stage setup, photo booth, food coroners as per theme and so on. There is no end to the creativity involved and of course we enjoy creating all of this. Such parties focus more on the entertainment quotient. There are also a section of mothers and children who concentrate more on educational parties. Although these are just a few, they are exciting and challenging. Some examples of such parties are Chemistry lab parties, experiment parties, cooking parties, art parties and eureka parties, where you solve simple experiments and feel like you have been the first to achieve it.  Mathematics parties, classroom set up parties, history parties are also popular where we have worked around themes like Cleopatra.

Yes, we have planned and customized such parties and there is a market for this in Chennai. If we have to choose on what interests us most then it certainly is the ‘Educative parties’ as those involve thinking out of the box and planning a party with a lot of innovation and creativity. 

Apart from the revolution in birthday parties, return gifts and packaging are also not far behind; all to match the theme. Many years ago, it was as simple as bursting a pinnate and whatever you collect you take back. Now there is much more to this and we also enjoy working towards a complete package, as we are creative people and look forward to having it complete from A to Z. The best way to plan a party is by identifying your budget and then by working backwards; this puts many things in perspective. It is also not necessary or true that you need to spend a lot of money to have a party, as there are always ways to work things out. 

The concept of balloons has had a revolution over the years. Helium balloons, foil balloons, balloon bouquets air walkers and more are popular. Twinkles is averse to the typical balloon arch concept which has been frequently done. We are happier selling things which are half the price of creating an arch but which are more free flowing. Many parents have a misconception about Helium being an unsafe gas. The unsafe gas is Hydrogen, which is odourless and weightless just like Helium and is flammable. Helium is not flammable, is safe and is an inert gas. There are very few pure Helium gas suppliers in Chennai and Twinkles is one of them. We take great care selling only safe and high-quality products. Helium is hard to procure which is why it is expensive but truly safe. 

The overall party trend and scene in Chennai is picking up in comparison to the other metros. Twinkles is happy to be there for all of you and your happy celebratory needs. 

Twinkles - The Party Shop

New No 12 Old No 9 Lambeth Avenue 

Bawa Road , Alwarpet

Chennai, India

+91 98410 92673


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