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Ritika Arya Jain - Designer

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Ritika Arya Jain has been in the business of Fashion Designing since 2010. She graduated from the London College of Fashion, U.K., University college for the Creative Arts, Kent and The London Business School, U.K. She heads Renasci in Chennai, a multi-designer store situated in the heart of the city. Along with 22 other designers she runs her own in-house label Ritika Arya Jain. Both her work and she have been featured in renowned magazines and newspapers. Her collection has been adorned and worn by Bollywood and Kollywood celebrities like Taapsee Pannu, Diana Penty, Simran, Soha Ali Khan and many more. 




What inspires you?

Every moment, and everything: there is always something to learn, something to understand, and something to shift our perspectives with. 

What inspires you?

My work and I find inspiration from Form and Structure. Art and architecture inspired designers like Hussein Chalayan drive me to create unforgettable, uncommon and unique ensembles.

How has what you do made an impact on your life?

Being in the Design management industry has made me a very confident person. It has also encouraged me to look at every thing I see, in detail and work towards perfection. 

What is the greatest challenge you have faced getting to where you are today? How has that shaped you?

Having achieved my degrees and work experience in the United Kingdom, I found it extremely challenging to source the right team, the fabrics and trims in order to set up a business of my own back in India. This in itself took a decade and gladly, I am still learning. However, I am most grateful for that since it has helped me evolve and grow to be more confident, resourceful and challenging. 

What did you want to be when you grew up? What options seemed open or closed to you, if any?

As a child, I was always inclined towards acting in Bollywood. However, born in a Marwari family that option was closed for me right from the start. My family expected me to join the family business of warehousing or real estate (which did not interest me). 

Who is your role model?

Elie Saab and Issey Miyake. And amongst Indian designers it is Anamika Khanna and Tanieya Khanuja.

What in life has brought you the greatest satisfaction?

Feedback and the trust my customers have in my work. It gives me great joy to hear back from my clients on how I could make their occasions more special by dressing them up right. 

One piece of advice to women everywhere. 

Make an identity of you own. There is only “One of Your kind” in the whole world. Embrace yourself, respect yourself and love yourself. The magic is bound to happen then! 

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