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Things Are Not The Same Anymore

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About the Author, Vedaa Choradia

Age 12, Student, Writer & Art Enthusiast

As an inquisitive 12 year old, Vedaa Choradia has an innate passion for writing - for when things cannot be put into words. This led her to create an art blog called 'Peach Puff; where she promotes art and benefits of art as healing. Her goal is to become a compassionate, considerate and empathetic young citizen, being a part of a global community. She hopes to take people through her experiences that can only be conveyed as writing fro self expression. Her friends would describe her as a crazy, creative and book loving person.

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Things are not the same anymore.

So much of what happens in our life is based on on trust. Remembering to trust god, a higher power, an energy; discerning which people are worthy of our trust. Yet what ties us all together is the belief in something bigger than oneself; bigger than the petty problems that keep us apart, or the corny fairy tales that bind us all together. For when we place our hearts, we exercise an act of faith. Faith that requires courage and hope, a leap of confidence which is worth the risk, because it is that trust that leads to love within a community.

Then why is it that sometimes it feels like relationships within a community become so complicated? It’s like we are speaking in foreign tongues and we can’t understand each other. I wonder, what part of our failure to communicate comes from our own brokenness, and what part does my own brokenness play?

So yes, things are not the same anymore.

Artist: Vedaa Choradia

Humankind has come so far. Things have changed, people have changed; evolved. Is it for the better? Is that the result of insecurities getting in the way of what’s important? Crumbling the vision of what our forefathers created for us? Does that equal to the world we live in? A world which may be convoluted, confusing & unstable. But, the world which I know, is only revolving because there is more good than bad, and as an average teenage girl just writing to you on a day I know is not like any other, I wonder if good is good enough!

I think this global pandemic has made us appreciate small talk, long drives, Ice-cream sandwiches, tranquil sunsets, crying over the fate of fictional heroes, and friends and family more than ever. I know that it has given us the chance, and I know it has given me the chance to sing. Dance. Paint. Write. Recharge. 

I know that it’s safe inside here than out there in the wild realm with people dying, relationships crumbling, and societies being torn apart. I know that good times passing, just means that bad times will too; this just means that COVID 19 will too, and then we can start creating the vision that we once had for our planet, and make the world calmer and saner. I know that change is inevitable, and what happened year ago, a week ago, two seconds ago is still not the same as the present, and when the world has essentially gone gaga, I hope that when we wake up tomorrow, we can create a more genuine, kind, connected and grateful world. 

So here it is. My note. My promise and I hope yours too:

I promise that if I want the best that the world has to offer, I will give the world my best too. I promise to support my own anxiety, and monitor my own behaviour. I promise that even during these disheartening times, I will turn the pages of the book and see what life unfolds next. I ask all of you to take the time out and do things that have been in the back burner for years. It may be those Chocolate scones that you always wanted to make, or a book you wanted to read, my advice and my message, is that use this time wisely. I know that I helped during these times just by doing the things I love the most like writing and painting. I know that I helped during these times by being grateful to the ones who are tirelessly working to find a cure to this virus, or treating the ones already infected. I know that this time may never come ever again, and life is too short for petty grievances. So, live it and make it your own. 

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"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect” - Anais Nin

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