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Co-compiled by Antara Pandit & Mahima Poddar

during COVID - 19

Re-writing Relationships

COVID-19 has redefined and reshaped our relationships with our partners in unprecedented ways. The lockdown not only tested the strength of our bonds but also ruthlessly exposed the weaknesses of our connections. Some couples have come closer and many have struggled through this time, but no one has been left untouched. One thing is for sure, the pandemic has given us an opportunity to critically re-evaluate our relationships. 

Book 3 in the Life during COVID-19 Anthology series, co-compiled with Mahima Poddar (Founder, The Kindness Foundation) is in the works! This book will shed light on the pandemic’s impact on couples and their relationships. We truly believe that every tale will bring hope, courage and strength as we connect with each other’s stories and come closer in our shared vulnerability…and humanity.

Submission Guidelines

No story, experience, voice & thought is too small or insignificant - each one counts. You also don't have to be a professional writer, but just someone who wants to share their untold story with the world.

 If you have a story to share, please follow the below guidelines to submit your entry. 

1. Any story for 'Re-writing Relationships' should be a true story straight from the heart, about your relationship with your partner. Poems will be accepted. Fiction will not be published.

2. Stories are to be written in first person and should be about yourself and your experiences.

​3. You may submit more than one story if you wish.

4. Stories should be 1500 words or less, and sent in an editable Word document. Do not forget to mention the source of information for content that is not penned by you. Example: Quotes, Reference statements etc.

5. Your story can be of gratitude, love, loss, joy, heartache, fear, resilience, strength, inspiration, and anything else that you feel accurately characterizes your experiences with your partner during the pandemic.

6. Here are a few storylines to get the words flowing:

  • How has the pandemic impacted your relationship, especially during lockdown?

  • What adjustments and changes has your relationship experienced, and how have you adapted to them?

  • How has this helped you evolve as a person?

7. When you're emailing us your submission, please be sure to include a story title and your full name as you like it to be published, within the word document itself. Please feel free to reach out to us for any support!

8. Since these are all personal stories, we are open to keeping your identity private. Please let us know if you would the author name to be listed as 'Anonymous'.

9. By submitting to this book, you are also agreeing for your story to be published as part of the book on Amazon, Flipkart, and several other digital national and international platforms.

10. By submitting to this book you are also agreeing for your story to be published in print format as a paperback/hardback.

11. You agree for excerpts from your story to be used on our social media platforms, as a part of marketing.

Send in your story by clicking the button below and we will review and get back to you. We look forward to reading all your entries! 

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