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They are powerful and an inexhaustible source of magic, regardless of how old you are!

I whole-heartedly believe that children are our FUTURE, our HOPE

Teens Talk

Teens Talk was launched in 2019, as an extension of the belief that children are meant to be heard, and that it is pivotal to provide our leaders of tomorrow with a public platform to voice their thoughts with confidence.

It is a platform and forum for children as young as 8-years-old and from all walks of life, to express themselves, share their voice, and write about anything they consider important. Teens Talk is not about being politically correct, perfect grammar, or absolutely flawless sentence construction. It is an opportunity to nurture the zest for writing that is innate in many children, change & embrace new perspectives, and make an impact on the world.

Unfiltered - The Teens Talk Podcast

Unfiltered is a series of thought-provoking and deeply honest conversations with our youth on topics they consider pivotal in today’s world. Making noise is making change, and this podcast is designed to give our young ones a platform to amplify their voices, stories, thoughts & ideas far and wide. We dive into their passions and talents, and highlight how passion can be used for a purpose. How would they like to make a difference in a world that is changing every single day? What are the issues that they would like to combat and find solutions to?

If you would like your child to be featured as a podcast guest, please reach out to me at

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Unfiltered Teens Talk
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